Underpinning foundation in Toronto and GTA has been our specialty the past 15 years. We provide Structural drawings and building permit services. Our years of experience in structural work ensure solid construction behind every job we do.


Why basement underpinning? Underpinning allows you to enjoy the extra basement area space as a recreational room, basement apartment, in-law suite and more.

Underpinning will give you new drains, new plumbing, proper under slab drainage and it will also increase the value of your property. Lowering

Underpinning your basement is not necessary easy, site access is very important, also when you are in a row house or semi-detached, you will need party wall(s)-neighbor(s) agreement.
If the neighbor is not on board, you will have to bench that party wall side.


Benching is an alternative to underpinning but is not cheaper.
There is a tremendous amount of re-bars to be installed and intense labor cost.

Bench system is also found in those situations where your neighbor’s foundation is too close to your foundation and the angle of repose is encroaching with the excavation.
Please check undepinning examples.

Otherwise, underpinning is always the way to go!

Our portfolio shows the types of underpinning that we are involved with.

We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) which enables us to produce accurate and better presented work. Examples in our portfolio show how technology can be used to create and manipulate images.


We are 100% focused and committed to designing and building permit services. This is our true core competency. We are not a marketing company. We produce BCIN stamped drawings.

We’re Fast, Reliable and Punctual, all the time.

For underpinning and lowering basement projects, we can do drawings and submission in less than one week where the Building permit is Guaranteed within 5 days or less from submission!

We know your application, we have already studied it for years and have a deep understanding of the scope and your needs.

Our company is quick, responsive and thorough. We can move faster and with much more efficiency than companies owned and preoccupied by their biggest accounts.

We have been in business since 1994 and are a privately funded, 100% debt-free company. From the very beginning, our plan has been slow and steady growth.